About us

Moldovacoin is a non-profit operation. The main goal of this project is to create a nation-wide blockchain platform to instil innovation in Republic of Moldova. The objectives of this project are to draw attention to Blockchain technology, train interested people and promote the services implemented on Moldovacoin platform.

Within the Moldovacoin project was developed new electronic currency Moldovacoin (MDC). You can earn MDC coins in several ways by participating in free distributions of coins (airdrops), buying them on exchanges and with help of mining.

Blockchain is a huge public database without centralized management. All records of the conducted transactions are stored simultaneously at all participants of the system and are automatically updated with each change made. Users act as a collective notary, which confirms the truth of information in the database.

Currently, there are many options for using blockchain in everyday life and the number of these options is constantly increasing. With the help of this technology, it is planned to keep records of property rights, store medical records, register marriages and the birth of children, and much more. This technology allows to significantly expand the possibilities of using IT-technologies and to exclude the human factor.

Communication channels

All the news about Moldovacoin Blockchain and the MDC digital currency can be found at the BitcoinTalk forum, in our Telegram channel and in social networks.