Chisinau hosted the 3rd World Summit on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (WBC Summit)

Chisinau hosted the 3rd World Summit on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (WBC Summit)

3 months ago
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On 11 May 2018, the 3rd World Summit on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (WBC Summit) was held in Chisinau, Moldova. The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM) with the support of the Moldovan government hosted this event.

About 100 organizations from 50 different countries took part in the summit. Professional speakers of the event from Italy, Nigeria, Sweden, England, Israel, the Netherlands, India, Pakistan, Hungary and Russia, shared their knowledge about the world of crypto currency and blockchain.

The conference participants discussed the current issues of the digital economy: what impact does the crypto currency have and what are its prospects; how to apply blockchain technology; how to introduce this technology into educational institutions; how to invest smart; how to store and exchange the crypto currency; as well as issues related to the implementation of blockchain in government structures.

The keynote speaker at the summit was Henrik von Scheel, who is one of the most influential board members on corporate and family boards, such as Gazprom, Industry 4.0 Economic Council and Digital Advisory Council at 9 countries, US Energy Committee 2030, OECD National Competitive Council, to name a few.

His work is applied to national economies, triggered global themes, influenced GDP growth, reset policies in governments and set standards that are applied by 26 NATO members.

Also at the event were Lee Gibson Grant, co-founder of the Digital and Distributed Technology Moldova Association, the founder of the DTX project (the next generation of the Drachmae project in Greece, 2015), Communications 4.0 and Industry 4.0, recently approved by the executive committee of ATU Gagauzia of the Republic of Moldova and Vadim Ceban, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of ATU Gagauzia of the Republic of Moldova, who presented the prospect of economic development of the regional blockchain for Gagauzia.

During the event, was held the seminar "Creating the Future of Moldova", during which were discussed the following topics:
– Review strategies and competitiveness of Nations
– The future of Moldova productivity and growth
– Creating the future of Moldova Export and Trade

In the middle of the day of the summit, a panel discussion on the topic "Legislation: country positions, opinions, perspectives" took place. Vitaly Tarlev, the State Secretary for Information Technologies and Communications under the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of Moldova, moderated the discussion.

Representatives of the non-profit project Moldovacoin also attended the summit. After the speech of the main speakers, Moldovacoin team held a presentation of their project.

Participants of the summit approached the advertising stand of Moldovacoin and were interested in the Moldovacoin platform. Near the advertising stand, they received information brochures and souvenirs, participated in the photo shoot and in the Airdrop campaign. Thanks to this campaign, participants interested in blockchain technology were able to conduct their first transaction using the MDC electronic currency.

You can also get your first 10 MDC coins on your wallet by participating in our Airdrop campaign.

All the photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page.

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